Ding Ding Video Studio - Save your precious memory in HD
Everyone has special days and exciting moments: weddings, sweet sixteen parties, graduations, sports competitions, performances, etc. Most of them are over before you realize it, and then you can only watch them again in your own blurred memory.

The only way to truly capture these special moments is with video recording and editing. In this digital world, technology brings high-definition video into our homes. It allows us to deliver this lasting HD memory to you! Now, you can share your beautiful and vivid moments with your family and friends for years to come. Your children, or even your grandchildren, can watch and share them again and again!

Every business needs to advertise. A company’s image is very important. A persuasive video demo on your website will help you achieve your business goal!


This year , we started a “student life recording service.” During your time as a student, there will be many remarkable moments that you will want to capture, whether you are performing at a music concert, competing for a tennis cup, or participating in a math competition. You want all these important events to be recorded and saved because as the years pass, you will look back on these moments as representing some very precious times in your life.

Or maybe you have already had videos and pictures taken in the past, but these moments were captured by amateurs. You may need someone to professionally refine them and edit them together. Our friendly staff will meet your needs with a personal touch. We will fully discuss the details with you and customize the video project in any way you like. 

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